More than 27 years, Greathill has been growth up and attempt to develop and manufacture a lot of food chemical products with a long experience and good quality in the food industry.

In 1986, the first product – Baking powder have been produced and distribute to the food industry, especially bakery and snack products. Our company began with selling to the distributors based on just 15 retailed shops in the bakery market. In 1987, Food colours and flavours have been produced and made a consumer well - known under brand “Winner” on the vision of “Deliver good productiveness to the consumers”. Moreover, the other products, such as Vanilla powder, Cream of tartar, Donut sugar, Instant Dobest, Custard powder, Fit-Fos, have been produced and then they were well known in the later period. Our company has not only distributed the products we mentioned, but we have also been the big distributor of soft drink syrup product for mixing cocktail under brand named “Shave Ice”. Nowadays, Greathill experiences the increase of based distributors, having more than 100 retailed shop and more than 5 modern trades where have distributed our products to consumer in Thailand. It is undoubted that Greathill is growing up in terms of business in Thailand and have been comprehensive products, especially flavours and colours applying in the food industry. Later on, Greathill will still grow up for welcoming AEC situation and global business.