Food Flavours


Durian Flavour

Butter Milk and Egg Flavour

Custard Flavour

Egg Custard Flavour

Fresh Milk Flavour

Mixed Fruits Flavour

Grape Flavour

Green Tea Flavour 

Honey  Flavour 

Jasmine Flavour 

Lemon Flavour

Lychee Flavour

Mango Flavour

Milk Flavour

Orange  Flavour

Orange oil  Flavour Pandan  Flavour

Pandan and Coconut Flavour

Pandan and Cream


Pandan and Jasmin Flavour

Pineapple  Flavour

Rose Flavour

Rum Flavour

Root beer Flavour

Strawberry Flavour

Sugar Flavour

Taro flavour Vanilla Butter Flavour

Vanilla Milk andButter Flavour

           Vanilla Flavour

Wintergreen flavour